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Just think of us as your personal team of expert assistants, because once you list the property, we handle everything else.

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We work for you

And at no charge to the seller

We manage every possible administrative task so you can focus on growing your business. We have thousands of steps involved in our short sale process, each designed to ensure the highest level of success for you and your client. 

Our system is unique and features the most all-inclusive support you'll find anywhere. If you take the time to seriously consider the costs, you'll agree that working with Short Sale Cooperative will start to save you time and money immediately.

What we do

We work as your virtual assistant, handling every administrative task and communicating with all parties involved - so you don't have to.

  • Prospecting
  • Debt Analysis
  • Negotiation
  • Closing Coordination

Our optional lead prospecting system is second to none in the real estate industry and is provided to you at not charge.

When you generate a warm lead, simply send their information to us. This can be done via email, website submission, or even automatically so you never have to think about it.

Upon receipt, we will initiate a 10-month prospecting campaign which delivers co-branded direct mail and email to your leads - with your name & company logo featured, front and center.

Additionally, our short sale conversion specialists will call your warm leads on a dependable schedule, and we'll update you with every action we take. We’ll talk to your leads, answer their questions, and make sure that they decide to list their short sale property with you.

We answer the tough short sale questions so you don’t have to.

And best of all, our prospecting campaigns are design to fit neatly into the marketing you’re already doing. Work together with Short Sale Cooperative and watch your lead conversion rates increase by as much as 300% or more!

Many short sales fail because of problems which, if discovered sooner, could have been resolved.

That’s why our process begins with a full evaluation of the homeowner’s debt profile including the discovery of all mortgages, judgments, liens, bankruptcies, divorces, undisclosed income, and other matters which may affect your ability to close the transaction.

Many homeowners don’t know the details of these things so, to protect you and them, our attorneys scour through public records to uncover the facts and resolve problems in advance.

Working with Short Sale Cooperative helps you ensure that there are no surprises that may cause a roadblock to the success of your short sale.

Financial Document Collection
We'll never ask you to gather financial documents from your client. That’s our job. We’ll procure every financial document directly from the homeowner so you don’t have to. And since we do this at the very beginning, we’re able to speed up the submission of offers and identify problems in advance.

Using these documents, we pre-qualify your client’s financial hardship by running their numbers through the same algorithms used by decision-makers like Fannie Mae & HUD.

Short Sale Cooperative’s debt analysis procedures will give you and your clients real confidence in eventual approval, even before it occurs.

When it comes to effective short sale negotiations, volume matters more than anything else. At any given time, our associates are actively negotiating hundreds of short sales with virtually every lender, servicer, and asset manager in the country.

Our volume offers two very important benefits to you and your clients:

Short Sale Volume: Negotiation Benefit #1

We're the first to know of every changing guideline. It’s estimated that incomplete or inaccurate short sale packages are the reason for nearly 90% of the delays in a short sale. Yes, the banks are blaming it on you!

But even when listing agents follow directions 100% and even when you do exactly what you’re told, mistakes often occur simply because the associate at the bank gave you out-of-date or completely false information.

Poor initial training of banking associates plus the fact that short sale guidelines are changing on an almost weekly basis makes it almost impossible to get accurate information from anyone who answers a phone.

Short Sale Volume: Negotiation Benefit #2

Because of our volume and our close relationships with decision-makers like Fannie Mae, Short Sale Cooperative is able to get new information almost immediately. Combine this with our truly superior training programs and it's easy to see… our associates know more than most of the associates at the bank.

This advanced knowledge ensures your clients have the best representation possible with the fewest unnecessary delays or rejections. In fact, accurate short sale packages represent one of the most significant advantages of our system, allowing us to close your short sales in about half the time as the rest of the industry.

When the difference between success and foreclosure can often be a matter of days, saving an average of 6 weeks per transaction can mean the world to your client.

Many short sales that fail, actually fall through after the approval letter is obtained – once YOU have done most of the work. And to make matters worse, disasters often happen due to the failures of other parties in the transaction.

To overcome these kinds of problems, Short Sale Cooperative has been developing contracts, procedures, and systems for years. Our experience with thousands of transactions will help to protect your clients from closing failures, no matter where they may originate.

No matter what, we will never abandon you after approval. We stick with you and your client, all the way through the day of closing and beyond.

To promote your successful closing, we will:

  • Ensure an iron-clad contract that cannot usually be termintated after approval
  • Verify the experience of the closing agent/attorney
  • Procure HUD approval from all lienholders
  • Protect you from accidental violations of bank policies or laws
  • Convey closing instructions to all parties
  • Handle 100% of closing day tasks - you won't even have to attend
  • Follow up to confirm payoff of all liens after closing

Hiring an expert assistant just makes sense

Whether you're new to short sales or a top producer, we're here to help manage the legwork so you can focus more time on what's really important:
growing your business.

Impressive communication

An EXPERT Account Manager will become your personal assistant and consistently update everyone in the transaction, so you don't have to!

Marketing & lead conversion

Ongoing follow-up with your clients ensures you'll have the highest possible conversion rates, with the least effort and expense to you.

Better contracts

We balance the scales and protect the closing, resulting in fewer early terminations or lost buyers after approval.

All negotiations, 100%

With success rates nearly double the average and typical negotiations complete in 25% less time, you'll be able to close more deals, faster!

How much do short sales really cost you?

Time is money, so don't waste more than you need to.
Compare the costs of managing a short sale yourself versus outsourcing the work to us.

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